The Best Social Media Agencies in New York


Starfish is a social media marketing agency

Starfish is a digital marketing firm that serves both B2B and B2C clients. They specialize in helping clients utilize social media as a powerful lead generation tool. Their approach includes developing custom social marketing campaigns and working closely with clients on branding, email marketing, website design, and more. Starfish works with leading brands to help them achieve their marketing goals.

Affect offers comprehensive social media marketing solutions for businesses in the New York area. They specialize in developing paid advertising strategies, community building, corporate blogging, and influencer marketing. They have years of experience helping businesses improve their presence on social media channels. They also provide influencer management services that help identify the right influencers and leverage partnerships for positive outcomes.

The founder and CEO of Starfish, David Kessler, is a renowned marketing strategist. He is known for his business savvy, strategic acumen, and customer focus, and has been the driving force behind the firm for over 15 years.


NinjaPromo is a leading social media and content agency with offices around the world. Their services include digital strategy development, community management, influencer marketing, and paid social advertising. They also provide marketing automation solutions. Their services range from small, one-off projects to full-service marketing campaigns.

The team at NinjaPromo is extremely responsive to client needs and possesses a deep knowledge of the industry. They are always eager to make their projects better and provide suggestions to make them more effective. Their approach is data-driven, and their strategies are tailored to the client’s brand, positioning, and messaging. They’re extremely responsive, organized, and reliable, which are all crucial factors when choosing a social media agency.


Moburst is a full-service digital marketing agency that helps brands scale to become category leaders. They are recognized for their innovative thinking and measurable results. Their video campaign won the “Best Video Campaign” award at the 2019 Effective Digital Marketing Awards. The company has worked with a variety of clients, including Google, Samsung, eBay, Uber, and others.

The Moburst team understands the importance of brand awareness as a part of any digital marketing strategy. This type of marketing can be harder to measure than performance marketing, but it is still essential for a branding campaign strategy. The more people are aware of a brand, the more likely they are to purchase it. As a result, brand awareness acts like a perpetual growth organism for a company. But if brands fail to offer something unique and valuable to consumers, they lose them in the process. Moburst works with brands to differentiate them from competitors, develop unique products, and maintain high retention rates.

Moburst also provides creative design services. The team creates compelling content and uses innovative techniques to get their message in front of a wide audience. With a creative team that understands the industry, the agency can create custom video assets and other assets that engage audiences and help businesses reach their goals.

Artisan Council

Among the best social media agencies in New York is the boutique Artisan Council. Founded in SoHo in 2013, this group of dynamic innovators has expertise in the world’s leading social media and content verticals. Its clients span the US, Australasia, Europe, and the UK. Their mission is to design products that satisfy strategic needs.

Artisan Council is a group of experienced, dynamic innovators that work on strategy and design for clients. Its founders have backgrounds in the world’s largest social media verticals and Internet start-ups. They use their experience to create data-driven services that meet the growing and strategic needs of their clients.

Lounge Lizard

Lounge Lizard is a New York-based social media agency that provides a range of services for brands and small businesses. These include paid ad strategy, social media management, influencer marketing, content marketing, trend discovery and competitor analysis. Every social media project is managed by a dedicated account manager. The firm also offers workshops to develop brand strategy and is Facebook certified.

The social media team at Lounge Lizard creates social media marketing campaigns for businesses in New York and beyond. They help clients grow their following on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, while also developing content that engages customers. Additionally, they provide influencer management services to help businesses engage influential individuals in their industry.

Lounge Lizard is a boutique branding agency based in Manhattan with offices in Los Angeles and Toronto. Their team combines cross-disciplinary expertise, progressive thinking and creativity to help clients build a brand. They also offer digital marketing solutions, including web design and PPC.

Llama Lead Gen

When it comes to B2B marketing, Llama Lead Gen has an experienced team who know how to make the most of paid social media advertising to bring in qualified leads. They are experts in paid social media advertising and marketing strategy, and are skilled at both B2B and B2C marketing.

This New York-based social media agency has experience working with a variety of clients. The team is led by an ex-LinkedIn marketer, and their focus is on integrating a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for their clients. The agency’s services include social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and conversion rate optimization.

Studio Center

This social media marketing agency handles paid and organic social media marketing for companies of all sizes. They claim to be experts in audience targeting parameters and are capable of handling campaigns on almost every social network. They also offer training and guidance to executives and in-house staff to maximize the benefits of social media marketing.

This full-service social media agency specializes in influencer marketing. Its team of social media experts will help you stay ahead of your competition. They handle social media PR and brand reputation for companies, and their diverse team of specialists includes experts in architecture, real estate, plumbing, and dentistry.

Studio Center is a marketing agency with offices in New York, Virginia Beach, and Washington DC. The company employs more than 200 people, and has experience in marketing, video production, print design, and web development. Its team has more than 50 years of combined experience, and has produced work for companies across many industries. For example, they recently collaborated with Hungry to create a custom interactive corporate history for the company.