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How To Resolve Not Monetised Video on Facebook In-Stream

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“How To Resolve Not monetised video on Facebook In-Stream “ This is the solution most sought after by Facebook ad break creator content at this time. Let’s read this short article and hopefully the problem can be resolved.

Resolve Not monetised video, In-Stream

Before your video shows in-stream ads, your video content will be reviewed by Facebook. This is to ensure your video meets Facebook’s policy standards. But sometimes before the review process is complete, your video can display ads and you can make money from the video.

There are various Facebook decisions for the videos you post :

  1. A video under review will be displayed:
  2. Not monetised
  3. Can’t be monetised
  4. Limited or no monetisation
  5. Monetised
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Properti How To Resolve Not monetised video, In-Stream

Based on our experience, one of the things that causes videos to not be monetised is the language in the video, the language in the title and the language in the video captions. Now let’s look at the language factor for answers “How To Resolve Not Monetised Video on Facebook In-Stream”.

Language provisions in Facebook in-Stream

Posts that include more than one language in them can be difficult to monetise. Make sure all the elements below are in the same language:

  1. Post title
  2. Post Description
  3. Audio in video
  4. Text embedded in the video (for example, captions or subtitles)
  5. Music in video

So, so that the chance of monetization is great, make sure all the components above use the same language.

Good Example: If the audio in your video is in English, then make sure the post title, post description, text in the video is in English.

Bad Examples:

  1. Your audio in the video will be in English, but the title and description of your post will be in Brazilian. It will be hard to monetise.
  2. Audio in video, title and description of the post in English. But the text in the video is in Indonesian, it’s also difficult to get monetise

Supported languages ​​for Monetise

Facebook recommends the language used for your video, title and description of your post. That is :

  1. Arabic
  2. Bengali
  3. England
  4. France
  5. Germany
  6. Hindi
  7. Italy
  8. Indonesian
  9. Kannada
  10. Korea
  11. Malay
  12. Malayalam
  13. Mandarin
  14. Marathi
  15. Poland
  16. Portuguese
  17. 17.Punjabi
  18. Spain
  19. Sweden
  20. Tagalog
  21. Tamil
  22. Telugu
  23. Thailand
  24. Turkey

Obey the Facebook rules so that you are not in vain in making videos. Don’t waste time on things that don’t meet Facebook’s standards if you’re serious about making money with in-stream ads.

If you have complied with the Facebook rules above, now is the time to find out so that videos get good recommendations.