Pinterest Marketing Planning For 2021

Pinterest Marketing 2021– How to Start

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Grow your business with Pinterest Marketing For 2021, If you like a complete guide that will help you get started with Pinterest? If your goal is to increase social media traffic to your website, then you should be marketing yourself on Pinterest. Tips from Mitt Ray will help us understand Pinterest marketing faster.

Whats is Pinterest Marketing

The process of building and increasing the visibility of a brand or business visually by using images on Pinterest. Pinterest is a social media platform in which users explore, share, and store visual content they find inspiring, helpful, or entertaining. So you have to create and provide something that Auidience likes on pinterest in the form of an attractive image.

Pinterest Marketing Benefit

In this post I show you everything you need to know to get started with Pinterest Marketing. Pinterest is the second highest referrer of social media traffic, right below Facebook Marketing. It drives more traffic than networks like Reddit, YouTube, Google+ and Twitter.

This was discovered when Pinterest had fewer users. Now it has over 150 million users and can drive more traffic if you implement the right strategies. Hence, today I am going to show you how to get started with Pinterest marketing. You can use the tips I share to increase engagement and drive traffic. These 4 things illustrate the benefits of Pinterest marketing if it is executed well.

Build Brand Awareness With Pinterest Marketing 2021

When using a personalised Pinterest business page, you can showcase your brand’s personality and values to current and potential customers. This is where being an active participant comes into play. The best part is that you can and should be pinning more than 10 things per day, but not all of them have to be your own original content.

Increase Website Traffic With Pinterest Marketing

The most powerful benefit of Pinterest is that it has a soaring potential for traffic generation. Each pin that a company pins to Pinterest is able to include a direct link to the website.  For this reason, Pinterest effectively increases traffic to your website.

Use this wisely and it will only serve you well. Just be sure to always make use of pins which direct users to valuable content.

Grow Your Audience With Pinterest Marketing

When a company uses Pinterest frequently it is likely that their pins will gain popularity as it is pinned to different boards. As people share your pins around the globe, your brand gets exposed to potential clients. This is a highly effective means of expanding your reach and generate more traffic at the same time.

The Power of Pinning gets you seen by your community and helps to grow your audience and find your Pinterest tribe.

Increase Your Search Engine Rankings

Pinterest, like Google, works with keywords – in fact keywords are the most important part of Pinterest. When the correct keywords are used, Pinterest can increase your search rankings on Google as well as on Pinterest itself. As you would with any other content marketing strategy, be sure to employ best practice for SEO to see your audience grow, your traffic and your organic ranking, all as a result of including Pinterest in your digital marketing strategy.

How To Set Up Pinterest Marketing For 2021

As with every social network, you get started on Pinterest by setting up an effective brand page. You can easily create one by visiting the Pinterest for business page and signing up.

Pinterest Marketing 2021
Pinterest Marketing 2021

Here you also have the option to convert your personal account into business account. If you already have an account you would like to use for marketing your business you can proceed with this option, otherwise sign up for a new account.

Business Name

Once you create your account you can begin setting it up. The main things you need to include are… Business Name: For the business name, just add your company’s name.

Profile Picture

A profile picture: The profile picture you use should be your logo or headshot as your audience will find it easy to recognize you. This will help you attract more followers.

Make sure it is the same as the one you use on other networks too as you need to make it easy for your followers on these networks to recognise you. Username: Use your company name for the username as well. It should between 3 and 15 characters and unique. If your username is longer than this or is already taken, use something similar to it. It will appear in your Pinterest page URL

About you: The about you section should be less than 160 characters long. Here you can just add some brief information about your business. Let people know what your business does and the type of content you share on your Pinterest page. If you have some extra space you can finish with a call to action that asks people to follow you or visit your website. You can include your link. It won’t be a live link like in the Twitter bio, but people can copy and paste it.

Add a Link to Your Pinterest Bio
Add a Link to Your Pinterest Bio

The best way to make the most of this is by adding a link to a squeeze page like Brittany Bullen does. The traffic will convert better. You can also use a URL shortener to save characters and to track the link.

Loaction and Website

Location and website: After adding all the above information, add your location. Also make sure you add your website address in the field provided and then confirm it as this will unlock Pinterest’s website analytics.

Creat Board

Create boards: On Pinterest you pin images onto boards and the followers of those boards will then see your pins. People have the option to follow you completely or to follow one or just a few boards only. This is why you should set up several boards that interest your audience.

Adding a category will ensure that the pins you add to that particular board will also appear in the Categories section on Pinterest and gain exposure instantly. Once you begin pinning you can give the board a cover image. You can choose any of your pins to be the cover for a board.

You also have the option to make the board into a group board by inviting contributors. You can also contribute to other group popular boards as this can increase engagement, followers, and traffic. Jeni Elliot of The Blog Maven has a very well set up Pinterest page. Everything from the business name to the boards are all properly set up. Check her page out while you create yours.

this is an example of well set up pinterest page or profile
this is an example of well set up pinterest page or profile

Optimize Your Website For Pinterest Marketing 2021

After you set up your Pinterest page, you should optimize your website for Pinterest to encourage visitors to pin images and drive traffic.

Pinterest Marketing 2021
Pinterest Marketing 2021

There are mainly 4 things you need to do to optimize your website for Pinterest Marketing:

Add images: People can only pin if there is at least one image that is 100 X 200 pixels on your webpage. So make sure you add several images to your webpages and blog posts. More images will give people a choice and make your content more interactive. Neil Patel implements this technique really well by including several images in his blog posts.

Include Several Images in Your Blog Post – like Neil Patel!
Include Several Images in Your Blog Post – like Neil Patel!

For example in this post on Social Media Marketing Made Simple, he included more than 20 images. Visitors can pin the image they like most.

Neil also included the above infographic in the post. When colorful infographics like these get shared on Pinterest they drive both engagement and traffic. So try to add infographics to your blog posts. If you do not want to add too many images, make sure you at least add one Pinterest optimized portrait shaped image to every blog post and page on your website. Why? Because portrait shaped images do well on Pinterest and are shared more readily. On Socially Sorted you can find one on each and every blog post.

Pinterets Marketing Conclusion

Do the standard requirements, then do the optimization by regularly making boards and pins. Don’t forget to use interesting images. You can use various tools to find or create interesting images.

You also have to get involved in boards and pins created by other people. so that you are more visible to the Pinterest users that you are targeting.