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If you haven’t read this Online Marketer Magazine – January 2020 Edition, then you better read it now. There are many hot issues and tips for Digital marketing discussed by marketers like Neil Patel. This is the big picture. You can also find the download link ” Online Marketer Magazine – January 2020″ at the end of this article.

Before reading the entire contents of this page, I want to say that I have prepared all digital marketing magazine issues for one year on this website. You can download all the pdf versions and it’s free.

07 Cover Story Marketing Trends For 2020: Here’s What Will Happen That Nobody Is Talking About By Neil Patel

Core discussions ; Here’s What Will Happen That Nobody Is Talking About By Neil Patel

  • Companies who rely on Google Analytics will get beat by their competition
  • Companies will optimize for voice search, but not for revenue
  • Your lists won’t convert as well, so you’ll have to look for alternative communication channels
  • Moats will almost be non-existent, other than brands
  • Marketing will become a more even playing field, you’ll have no choice but to use automation
  • There will be no more silver bullets, we will all have to optimize for marginal gains
  • Personalization is the new marketing

Marketing 2030: 7 Laws For Content Marketing Success By Joe Pulizzi

Core discussions ; Here we go. My seven laws for the next decade of marketing. The seven things that will, hopefully, lead you to success in 2030.

  1. Always be selling internally
  2. Plan for multiple lines of revenue
  3. Buy before you build
  4. Do one great thing
  5. Stay away from content campaigns
  6. Plan for the end of social
  7. Say no! Have conviction in the practice

How To Use Wave.Video To Rapidly Create Awesome Video Content By Ian Cleary

Core discussions ;

  • What is
  • How to use to improve your social strategy
  • Editing your own video using
  • Combine Your Own Content with Content from
  • pricing

The Ultimate Guide For Your Product Page Keyword Research By Ann Smarty

Core discussions ;

  • Identify and Group Your Keywords by Relevancy
  • Group Your Keywords by Search Intent
  • Match Your Landing Page Content to Search Intent
  • How can this research help both rankings and sales?
  • Create Content Matching Google’s (and Customers’) Expectations
  • How can this research help both rankings and sales?
  • Ask and Answer Questions
  • How can this research help both rankings and sales?
  • Putting it All Together: Creating a Search Optimized Product Page

21 No-Fail Tactics To Boost Your Facebook Group Engagement By Kim Garst

Core discussions; Facebook Groups represent a HUGE opportunity for business owners. And, the secret sauce “success” ingredient is ENGAGEMENT on Facebook Marketing.

Here you will learn :

  1. Why Facebook Group Engagement Matters
  2. 21 Strategies for Facebook Group Engagement
  3. Final Thoughts

The 8 Best Instagram Tools For Massive Instagram Growth In 2020 By Jeff Bullas

Core discussions ; f you’re serious about growing your Instagram following, you need to get the right Instagram tools to help you reach your goals.

  1. Kicksta: Get Real Instagram Followers
  2. Hashtagsforlikes
  3. Planoly: Schedule Your Instagram Posts
  4. Iconosquare: Track Your Instagram Analytics
  5. Crello: Create Instagram Graphics
  6. Lightroom: Edit Instagram Photos
  7. Magisto: Edit Videos for Instagram
  8. Wrapping up

How To Build A Social Media Following (It’s Not What You Think) By Melonie Dodaro

Core discussions ; Conventional wisdom says the more social media followers you have, the more successful your business will be. Indeed, having a large social media following will lead to these four pillars of growth: more web traffic, increased trust and credibility, the opportunity to build more relationships, which ultimately leads to…, and more sales. But HOW do you do it? Learn here :

  1. Personal Channels Beat Business Pages for Growing a Social Media Following
  2. Growing your LinkedIn network
  3. Personal LinkedIn profiles
  4. Facebook personal profile
  5. Facebook has changed which means you must change too
  6. Top Dog Social Media Facebook business page
  7. Melonie Dodaro Facebook business page
  8. Grow your Twitter followers
  9. Consistently nurture relationships to build a social media following

That’s the hot issue discussed in the online marketer magazine January 2020 edition, You can download the pdf version here.

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