Online Marketer Magazine February 2020

Online Marketer Magazine – February 2020

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Online Marketer Magazine February 2020, There are 7 important topics about digital marketing that are discussed in the online marketer’s magazine February 2020 edition. You can download the pdf version at the end of this review. We have also prepared for you a one-year edition of the digital marketing magazine. I highly recommend reading and studying the science of digital marketing in it.

How to Get on the First Page of Google [Interactive Guide] by Joshua Hardwick

Core discussions ;

  • Are You A Local Business?
  • Before We Get Started…
  • Step #1. Choose a keyword
  • Step #2. Check the competition
  • Step #3. Choose or create a page (that aligns with search intent)
  • Step #4. Make sure your content covers the topic in full
  • Step #5. Estimate how many backlinks you need
  • Step #6. Build more backlinks and add internal links
  • Step #7. Be patient
  • Why ranking on the first page of Google isn’t the answer

17 High-Impact Tasks To Prepare Your Blog for 2020 by Adam Connell

Core discussions ;

  • Remove unnecessary clutter
  • Give your blog a fresh look
  • Find and fix broken links (404 errors) on your website
  • Run a content audit to improve content performance
  • Create your first digital product
  • Set up email automation to sell products and promote content while you sleep
  • Take some time to learn more about your audience
  • Create landing pages for each of your lead magnets
  • Learn a new skill to increase your earning potential
  • Set up social listening for your brand and competitors
  • Plan a social media giveaway for the new year
  • Take your branding to the next level with a fresh logo
  • Plan out your content for the next 12 months
  • Stockpile content ready for the new year
  • Put systems in place to support the growth of your blog
  • Prepare for the next phase of your blog’s evolution
  • Orientate yourself and your blog with a foolproof plan

The 4-Step Process to Set Up an eCommerce Marketing Funnel by Shane Barker

Core discussions ;

  • What is an eCommerce marketing funnel?
  • Steps to build your own Track the performance of your conversion funnel
  • eCommerce marketing funnel
  • Final thoughts

YouTube Bumper Ads: The Complete Guide to Six-Second Success by Brad Smith

Core discussions ;

  • What Are YouTube Bumper Ads?
  • Benefits of YouTube Bumper Ads
  • How Much Do Bumper Ads Cost on YouTube?
  • How to Create a Bumper Ad on YouTube
  • 4 Strategies for YouTube Bumper Ad Success
  • Final Thoughts

How Smart Companies Capitalize on Social Selling by Melonie Dorado

Core discussions ;

  • Key Components of Social Selling and How to Grow Them
  • What is the difference between digital selling and social selling?
  • Social Selling Tools to Help You Win More Business
  • What’s Hot and What’s Not in Social Selling Right Now
  • Can social selling work for my company?

How to Use Images to Increase Search Visibility and Get More Clicks Ann Smarty

Core discussions ;

  • Think images, images everywhere
  • How to generate visual search snippets in Google
  • Get your images featured
  • Promote with consistent image
  • See the opportunities

How to Track Video Views in Google Analytics Using Google Tag Manager in 4 Steps by Andy Crestodina

Core discussions ;

  • Configure variables
  • Make the trigger
  • Make the tag
  • Submit your container
  • Segment and analyze
  • More opportunities for analysis and action
  • Lights, camera, tracking!

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