New York City Creative Agencies


New York City is home to a number of creative agencies that showcase brands for the world’s audience. These agencies use diverse techniques such as sound design and augmented reality to engage global audiences. Some companies, such as Work & Co, have streamlined the creative process and produce prototypes in as little as 20 days. They have an impressive 90% repeat business rate and place rapid development and continuous testing at the core of their business model.

Case studies

Having case studies of your work on your website is a great way to sell yourself to prospective clients. Case studies show you how your agency works, and they also show that you are an expert at what you do. A well-written case study will provide insight into the creative process and the end result, and will be of particular value to a prospective client. Here are a few examples of case studies from creative agencies in New York City.

The Charles NYC is a full-service digital agency specializing in strategic campaigns and compelling storytelling. They work with luxury and lifestyle brands as well as technology and media partners. The agency is process-oriented and creatively driven, and is known for experimenting with new marketing approaches. They bring together creativity, business, and commerce to create campaigns that work. Among the companies we reviewed, we found the Charles NYC to be an excellent choice for your next project.

The NYC Mayor’s Office for People With Disabilities commissioned F.Y. Eye to develop an effective campaign for their ATWORK program, which connects New Yorkers with disabilities to employment opportunities. The team used social media and the F.Y. Eye Impact Artist Collective to come up with a memorable concept and leverage their partnership with PSA Network. Through the ATWORK campaign, the agency was able to engage a broad range of people, including business owners, and increase the number of prospective job seekers.

The 2020 Census turned out to be a very challenging time for the US government. A COVID-19 pandemic and political challenges all affected turnout. In response to the challenges, the US government orchestrated a massive advertising campaign to encourage people to participate. The creative team at F.Y. Eye played a key role in getting the word out, helping NYC achieve a self-response rate of 61.9%. They also led cross-sector partnerships and produced three effective 2020 Census advertising campaigns.

Case studies should be thorough and show how the design and strategy work together to reach client goals. They should also include quotes from the client to show the impact of the work. Having quotes from clients on your website is a good way to build trust in your creative agency and attract new clients. Having a high-quality case study will also help establish your agency as a leader in the industry. And it will give potential clients social proof to choose you as their agency.


If you are looking for a creative agency to work on your next project, New York City is the place to be. You can find a great NYC agency on our list, as well as case studies, project types, and client reviews. Portfolios are an excellent way to learn more about each firm, and to evaluate their work. Read on for more information. You can find a great agency that can help your business succeed.

While each agency is different, some have a broad range of work that makes them stand out in a crowd. For example, Ambizy NYC, a digital marketing agency, has a portfolio that features its logo accompanied by a video tour of their office. While this may not seem like an unusual choice, this agency uses video, motion, and other creative approaches to create a truly unique website. You can also check out their case studies to see how they use technology to reach their clients.

The creative teams of these agencies may differ in their approach. For instance, Big Youth might use big bold headlines, large images, and nice animations. Mikmak Studio might visualize the recipe for success by showing examples of work. Then there is Cappen, which is a Swiss design firm that captures the essence of adaptability in a single graphic. In other words, both firms have an approach that makes them stand out.

The best NYC creative agencies make sure that their portfolios give the audience a comprehensive look at their work. They must also build relationships with their visitors, and the best time to connect is after they’ve viewed their portfolio. Hopefully, this article was helpful. Keep reading! You’ll find the best creative agency for your project. You’ll find plenty of inspiration on the Internet. Keep an eye out for these creative agencies and get inspired by their work.

If you’re looking for a New York advertising agency, you might be wondering which one to work with. Huge is a full-service digital agency based in Brooklyn and has locations throughout the United States. With six global offices, Huge focuses on helping businesses grow by creating experiences people will love. Since the agency was founded in 1999, Huge has worked with a number of companies including Lowe’s, TimeWarner, and UPS.


Listed below are some examples of clients of New York City creative agencies. These agencies specialize in various industries, including branding and eCommerce. Services range from traditional ad campaigns to SEM/SEO and digital marketing. A few examples of companies that work with these agencies include Microsoft, Verizon, Amazon, Sony, and others. Read on to learn more about these agencies and their work. To find out which NYC creative agency is best for your needs, click on the links below.

CA Creative is the tenth largest creative agency in New York City. The agency specializes in beauty, fashion, and lifestyle industries. Carol Han, the founder, has spent many years in the fashion industry and continues to offer her expertise throughout her projects. She and her team have worked with top companies including Thakoon, Paul Mitchell, and Sixty Hotels. Their work has resulted in clear brand identities and strategies.

C42D is another notable creative agency in New York City. This team of strategists and designers works with their clients to create long-term campaigns to reach more people with a brand’s message. The agency is known for blending design and creative solutions on a variety of platforms. Its work has been recognized as Breakthrough Agency of the Year by Adweek. If you are in the market for a creative agency, look no further.

Gravity Road, located in Brooklyn’s Digital Dumbo, is another popular New York City creative agency. With a unique brand identity and captivating content, Gravity Road helps clients solve business challenges in the digital age. Another NYC creative agency is Code and Theory Interactive. The agency started in 2001 and has gained considerable attention from design blogs. Another creative agency in New York City, The Future Forward Interactive Agency, focuses on brand strategy and visual identity, as well as custom website experiences.

The EdgeDNA is another innovative agency based in New York and Washington, DC. It specializes in innovative digital marketing strategy and conversational experiences. EdgeDNA partners with tech partners such as Microsoft, Oculus, Amazon Echo, Unity, Unreal Engine, and GitHub. They also provide guidance on enlisting in business directories. Aside from creative agencies, the following firms have a great deal to offer their clients.


Creative agencies located in NYC strive to bring a brand’s story to life through diverse methods such as augmented reality and sound design. BrandFire, a midtown Manhattan agency, offers SEO services and helped Knorr increase global organic traffic by 300%. Their team uses content to increase traffic and create backlinks. BrandFire is a small, diverse agency located in Midtown Manhattan. The firm offers a diverse range of services, including branding and website design.

Sideways Interactive, a creative agency in NYC, specializes in App Development and manages a wide range of clientele. The agency works with clients from concept to development, ensuring perfect functionality on all platforms. They’ve made their mark in the hospitality industry, launching and managing over 40 social communities. In the process, they’ve generated over 70 million dollars in booking revenue for their clients. They also provide a comprehensive list of digital marketing services, including social media, content marketing, and public relations.

Vab Media, an agency focused on social media and online visibility, is a digital marketing agency located in New York City. They provide website design, social media marketing, and paid search services to clients across various channels. This agency also offers logo design and customer interaction analysis services to help clients reach their target audiences. The agency’s focus on social media marketing is particularly impressive, as it focuses on brand awareness and increased engagement.

Cutwater, a creative agency with offices in NYC and San Francisco, has a bicoastal model and has clients in professional sports, telecommunications, and entertainment. This agency’s three-part process consists of a brand strategy, design, and creative work that helps clients grow. It also provides branding and video production for clients. Cutwater, meanwhile, has over 50 employees and focuses on branding and video production for businesses in the midmarket and small space.

Aumcore, a results-driven New York City advertising agency, assists businesses in crafting effective messages to connect with consumers and boost sales. It also assists clients across a wide range of industries, working hand-in-hand with Omnie Solutions. The agency works with clients to develop comprehensive communication plans, website designs, mobile apps, eCommerce platforms, and social media management. Their services also include brand identity, online video, search engine optimization, and review management.