Marketing Firms in New York


When you’re looking to hire a marketing firm in New York City, you’ll need to choose one that specializes in your specific needs. Here are some agencies that specialize in different services: SEO, web design, pay-per-click, conversion rate optimization, and website support services. These agencies will analyze your marketing needs and provide customized marketing solutions. Their goal is to help you reach your target audience and generate revenue through results-oriented digital marketing solutions.

Advertising agencies in New York City

You can look for advertising agencies in New York City in the following sections. These firms offer innovative solutions to their clients’ needs, including brand strategy, social media campaign management, and digital design. They work with brands and companies to build brand equity and increase reach with innovative advertising methods. These agencies specialize in creative solutions and digital marketing on all platforms.

Havas New York Village: This advertising agency is based in Queens and offers a wide range of services. Its clients include brands and organizations in the entertainment, gaming, film, and music industries. They also specialize in website design, social media, and paid search. This New York City agency has worked with Prudential, ESPN, and Unilever.

Fearless Agency: The team members at this New York City advertising agency tackle complex marketing problems for their clients. Their services include strategy and creative planning, eCommerce, social media management, and audience research. They also work with brands in the finance, healthcare, and technology industries. These agencies help brands and companies create lasting relationships with consumers.

Madison Square Garden Interactive Marketing Agency: Another small, NYC ad agency, Madison Square Garden specializes in large-scale web development and mobile app marketing. They use multiple media, including social media and SEO, and focus on visual design and UX. The firm also helps startups grow their mobile business.

NuStream Marketing: This firm works with small to medium-sized businesses in New York. Their services include SEO audits, website design, and social media marketing. They also help clients with email marketing, mobile app development, and eCommerce platforms. The team uses Google Analytics and other marketing tools to grow their brands.

CA Creative: The number ten creative agency in New York City, CA Creative has experience in the fashion, food, and lifestyle industries. The founder, Carol Han, worked in the fashion industry for several years before establishing the company. Their expertise and experience are invaluable throughout a project. They have worked with brands such as Thakoon, Paul Mitchell, and Sixty Hotels. Their work has helped develop clear brand identities and strategies.

BOLD Worldwide: BOLD Worldwide specializes in innovative video advertising in New York City. The team of analysts applies consumer insights and data to make successful campaigns for sports, fashion, and lifestyle brands. BOLD also focuses on social innovation, and has a weekly business show where they discuss the latest in business.

Their services

Many marketing firms in New York offer search engine optimization (SEO) as a part of their services. This is the process of making a website more visible in search engines, which in turn drives more traffic to the site. SEO is an essential element of successful marketing, and a NYC digital marketing agency can help you get started on the right foot.

Think Work Media is a performance marketing agency that has helped businesses in the hospitality and healthcare industries reach their target audience. The firm is comprised of growth hackers, creatives, and data scientists who focus on producing precise results and eliminating marketing fluff. This has helped their clients save hundreds of thousands of dollars and experience high growth in revenue.

Avex Designs is one of the best-known digital marketing firms in New York City. Its team of specialists offers comprehensive services, including website development, digital advertising, social media management, and search engine optimization. The firm has been serving clients for over 11 years, and has successfully launched more than 12,000 campaigns. Its principal, Michael, has founded several companies in the last two decades and has a background in digital media.

Acronym is another digital marketing agency in NYC that offers search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click advertising (PPC). Its services are designed to meet long-term business objectives and help businesses achieve their marketing goals. In addition, Acronym offers performance marketing analytics.

Metric Digital specializes in digital marketing and e-commerce. The firm works with brands including Amazon, Huda Beauty, and Peloton. Huge combines commerce and creativity. Its team is composed of in-house designers and analytics experts. They also offer social media messaging and content marketing.

NuStream Media is another top-rated marketing firm in NYC. With multiple locations, the company’s team of experts has decades of combined experience in the industry. They specialize in creating compelling content and engaging websites. Additionally, they use SEO techniques to build brand awareness and boost digital presence. They also have a proven track record in helping businesses grow.

Socialfly is another NYC marketing firm that specializes in social media marketing. It works with clients to carry out social media strategies across all major social media platforms. Their team uses statistics and data analysis to create effective campaigns for their clients. The firm has worked with clients like Vera Bradley, 20th Century Fox, and Maxim.


A marketing portfolio is a collection of a firm’s best work, from print advertising to web material. It may also include illustrations, photographs, and spreadsheets. It should also contain client achievements, awards, and professional success. A well-crafted portfolio will give prospective clients a clear picture of the firm’s ability and expertise.

Some marketing firms in New York showcase their portfolios in a variety of ways. Some firms showcase a broad range of work, while others focus on a single client. For example, Lydia Harrell Design presents a portfolio that displays their most important creative campaigns. Users can view the work in a grid layout, and the website includes links to read more about each case study. The company’s portfolio also contains personal anecdotes, as well as a parallax scrolling style that makes it easy to navigate.

When choosing a marketing firm in New York, it is important to review their portfolio. This can help you determine which firms offer the best services for your business. You can also look at other firms’ portfolios to see how they operate. Look at what they offer and learn how to differentiate yourself from them. If possible, view the firm’s physical portfolios as well.

Another way to evaluate marketing firms is by reviewing their clients. Look for clients with similar goals and services to yours. For instance, a criminal defense law firm would not use the same marketing strategies as a personal injury law firm. Similarly, an inn or hotel would use different tactics to promote its food and drink menu.

Huge is a full-service digital agency based in Brooklyn. Its goal is to help businesses grow and create experiences that people love. With offices in Brooklyn and New York, this agency has worked with numerous major clients, including TimeWarner, UPS, and Lowe’s.

A good marketing firm should have a well-designed and well-organized marketing portfolio. This way, the portfolio will offer a complete view of the project. At the same time, it should also develop a relationship with visitors. After viewing the portfolio, you can connect with them via email or phone.

Case studies

One way to make a case study more appealing is to use a mix of text and visuals. For example, an example case study may include video, a picture of a client, and a quote from the CEO. These visuals emphasize the success of the project, and the text elaborates on those details. Another option is to use a personal touch in the case study. This method may be more effective in a more formal industry, but it’s always a good idea to test it out to determine if the reader will be engaged.

A case study can also highlight a company’s process. It could detail how a marketing strategy was implemented, as well as how the client was able to achieve success through it. It could also feature quotes from the client, as well as lessons learned. Ultimately, the more details you include, the more effective the case study is.

A good case study should highlight the success of the company that was featured. Customers’ success stories are the most persuasive marketing materials. A strong case study can help a prospect decide between competing companies, and it’s a great way to build trust. It will also serve as proof of the firm’s ability to help clients solve their problems.

A case study can also be a good tool for increasing conversion rates. Although it takes time and effort to produce a polished case study, it can help secure sales. In the long run, a good case study can build trust among potential customers, which is essential for converting leads to customers. Without trust, leads will leave your firm in favor of your competitors. By showcasing a proven track record and making a case for a company’s products and services, a good case study can help your business grow.

Case studies are an efficient method of demonstrating expertise and persuading customers. By using a case study, you can show customers that similar results are possible when they use your products and services. The best case studies include actual quotes from satisfied customers, as well as statistics and research. If you’re struggling to write a case study, there are many available case study templates online.