Recommended videos on Facebook Ad break

How To Improving Video Recommendations on Facebook Ad Breaks

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Learn how to Improving Your Video Recommendations on Facebook Ad breaks. Many factors influence how, when, and where your video is recommended by Facebook. The signals that Facebook uses to determine distribution always evolve in line with what viewers want on Facebook, here are some of the things that have the biggest impact on video distribution today.

Engagement To Improving Video Recommendations on Facebook Ad Breaks

Facebook wants the content you create to spark meaningful conversations and interactions among people. That’s why Facebook is increasing distribution for videos that inspire friend-to-friend or person-to-person interactions.

Recommended videos on Facebook Ad break
Recommended videos on Facebook Ad break

To maximize engagement, do these 3 ways:

  1. Ask questions that allow for a wide range of responses. Questions that have pre-defined answers (e.g. “What month were you born in?”) are more likely to be flagged as baiting.
  2. Interact directly with your audience. Be an active contributor to conversations happening in the comments section of your posts. Engaging with your audience on a personal level helps make your brand more approachable and leads to more meaningful interactions around your content.
  3. Use the post’s description field as intended.Tell viewers about yourself and your content. Share the link to your Page and let viewers know what they can expect if they choose to follow you.

And don’t do these 3 ways:

  1. Don’t post clickbait. Clickbait includes things such as “Tag a friend”, “Comment ‘YES’ if you agree” or “Like and share this post!”
  2. Don’t ask viewers to respond in specific ways. Specifically instructing viewers to “like”, “tag” or “share” may result in your content being flagged for engagement baiting.
  3. Don’t participate in sharing schemes. Pages sometimes ask other Pages with high follower counts to share their posts to increase their reach. This is called a sharing scheme, and engaging in it could reduce your distribution and risk access to monetisation programmes such as in-stream ads.

You should also avoid this content:

Content that consists of or includes any of the following may not be eligible for monetisation:

  1. Tragedy and conflict
  2. Violent content
  3. Adult content
  4. Drugs or alcohol abuse
  5. Foul language

Remember, post original and quality videos. Avoid primarily sharing videos of re-purposed clips from other sources with limited editorialisation. Instead, publish original content that will foster engagement and an audience-catered experience.

Also focus on content that takes the best advantage of a video’s capacity for capturing movement and motion. Avoid the following formats:

  1. Static videos. Content that contains one static image and little to no motion.
  2. Static image polls. Content posted for the sole purpose of increasing engagement by asking people to react to questions.
  3. Engagement bait. Content that incentivises people to click a link or respond to a post through likes, comments or shares.
  4. Slideshows of images. Content that primarily displays static images played in succession.
  5. Looping videos. Content that loops and displays the same segment multiple times. It can include GIFs and content of varying lengths.
  6. Text montages. Content that primarily displays still or moving images with overlaid text.

Increase followers and returning viewers

The larger your loyal fanbase is, the more people you’ll have returning to watch your videos. To help increase followers and returning viewers:


  1. Create a strong theme, through-line, concept or cast. Continuity across all of your videos can keep viewers coming back, and watching more.
  2. Introduce more of your content portfolio to new Facebook audiences. Bulk upload your catalogue of videos not already on your Facebook Page to a single Facebook Page or multiple Facebook Pages.
  3. Publish on a regular schedule. This can encourage viewers to return for new episodes.
Recommended videos on Facebook Ad break
Recommended videos on Facebook Ad break

After Practicing The Steps Above, Do This

See how you’re doing. To spot spikes or dips in your Page’s engagement, go to the Facebook Performance Insights section in Creator Studio and then select the Engagement tab. To find the videos behind the changes, you can sort your top videos by date created or by engagement, and then drill down further to find the videos that drove the most reactions, comments and shares.

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