How to Promote Your YouTube Videos Without Paying


If you’re wondering how to promote your YouTube videos without paying, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you’ll learn about using TikTok, leveraging TrueView ads, and creating playlists. By following these tips, you can quickly increase your video’s visibility.

TrueView ads

There are a number of ways to promote your YouTube videos without paying for TrueView ads. One way is to create an in-stream ad that displays alongside your video. You can set a budget for the campaign and set the maximum daily cost. You can also choose to run the ad in search results and on YouTube’s homepage and channel pages. In this way, your ads can be seen by viewers before, during, and after watching your video.

Another method is to use TrueView ads, which appear on mobile search and watch pages. These ads show as a promoted video in the top related video slot. TrueView ads are a win-win for advertisers and viewers, as they target the right audience at the right time and place. This type of advertising can be used in any video format, on any platform that supports video advertisements.

Another option is to use bumper ads, which are shorter than TrueView ads. They can be up to six seconds long. Unlike TrueView ads, bumper ads cannot be skipped by viewers. They are also paid for every thousand views, so they can reach a larger audience and have greater visibility.

TrueView ads can be an excellent choice for those who are just getting started with online marketing. These ads feature image thumbnails and up to three lines of text. They appear next to a video, and are very similar to PPC ads. TrueView ads can boost your video’s views and help you jumpstart a viral campaign. As long as you have a quality video and a high conversion rate, you can get great results from these ads.

Skippable video ads can be an excellent choice for those who don’t want to pay for TrueView ads. They offer transparency and independent audits of your campaign. They’re best for websites that want to get more leads and sales from YouTube. However, make sure to target your audience carefully before you use skippable ads.


Cross-promotion for YouTube videos is a simple way to boost your video’s visibility without paying for advertising. All you have to do is mention related videos in your current video or ask viewers to check them out. This is much easier to do if you include a link in your video description. YouTube is filled with videos and it’s hard for viewers to search through all the content.

You can use email as a powerful cross-promotion tool. A simple email signature link to your video can boost your subscriber list and kickstart YouTube’s recommendation algorithm. Use a simple icon for your link rather than a lengthy URL. You can also use competitions to get subscribers. Make sure to follow YouTube rules before launching contests.

The key to promoting your video on YouTube is to create high-quality content. Make sure to research keywords related to your content. You can put these keywords in your video title, description, and tag. It’s also important to stay active in the community of YouTube and respond to comments and feedback. This will keep your audience interested and engaged.

You can also collaborate with other companies on cross-promotion. Collaborations can be successful if you choose the right channels. For example, collaborating with a swimwear brand like La’mariette, which promotes the idea that all bodies are beautiful, is an effective cross-promotion strategy.

Another effective way to cross-promote YouTube videos is by using social media. You can use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote your video. By sharing your video with your existing customers, you can increase the chance that it will get more likes and shares.

Creating playlists

Creating playlists is a great way to boost your videos’ visibility and keep viewers on your channel. Playlists are collections of videos grouped together by topics, which make it easier for users to find videos and explore them. These playlists also help videos to rank better in YouTube’s Suggested Videos section. They also give you a chance to use keywords in your playlist titles, which increases the likelihood that viewers will find your videos.

You can also use social media networks like Twitter and Facebook to promote your videos. These platforms allow you to embed videos in your emails, which is a great way to reach your audience and increase traffic. You can also use these platforms to notify your followers when new videos are posted. Once you’ve created your videos, make sure they are optimized for each platform.

Another great way to promote your YouTube videos is to collaborate with other YouTube channels. This way, you’ll have more opportunities to promote your videos and earn subscribers. For instance, you can work with a fellow YouTube creator to create a playlist of videos that are related to yours. You can also collaborate with them on other platforms.

Another way to increase your videos’ visibility on YouTube is to use hashtags. YouTube’s algorithm looks for relevant tags and adjusts its rankings based on these. For example, if you make a video about keyword research, use the hashtag “keyword research” and include it in your script. This will help your videos get more views.

Creating playlists for your YouTube videos is also an effective way to drive traffic to your channel. You can create end screens or cards that feature related videos and allow subscribers to subscribe. These will make your channel look clean and streamlined. Also, when your subscribers subscribe to your channel, they’ll be notified whenever you post new content.