How to get high cpc google adsense

How To Get High CPC Google Adsense 2020

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How To Get High CPC Google Adsense 2020,- Getting cheap CPC is very unpleasant for most google Adsense players. Maybe you’ve earned a CPC of 0.01 to 0.09 $, you know what it’s like. It takes 1000 to 10000 clicks to get a minimum payment from google ($ 100).

Many out there are frustrated by getting a small CPC on their adsense website. Finally what happens they rarely open their Google Adsense dashboard or rarely post articles, and finally retire before payday. I hope this doesn’t happen to you.

If you experience the above or your CPC is low, the average is still under $ 0.20. Try this one trick. The trick to getting high cpc. The method is very simple. Can be done in just 5 minutes.

How To Get High Cpc In Google Adsense

One way to get high CPC is to block low CPC ads from appearing on the website. So that ads with high CPC have a great chance to appear. By blocking low CPC ads, ads with a CPC of $ 0.01 to $ 0.09 will not appear on your website, and are replaced by ads with good CPCs. Here are the steps.

Get High CPC Google Adsense With Blocking Control

The first step, please enter your google adsense dashboard and click the sections in order: Blocking Control> All Site> Advertiser URLs. And a display will appear like this:

Blocking Control Adsense
Blocking Control Adsense

Second Step, download the list of low CPC advertiser sites here. We will block the list of sites so that the ads do not appear on the website. When finished downloading, please open the file.

Third step, you just have to copy the list of sites and paste it into part number 4 in the image above. Make sure each list of websites is separated by a comma. Then click search.

Fourth Step, blocks all advertisements from the list of these sites, like step number 6 in the image. You can do blocks at once. Or choose a list of sites to block. But you should block at once.

Then you just have to monitor for 3 to 7 days the change in your average CPC. If you feel lost by blocking ad ads from the list of sites. Then you can also unblock it at any time. Just go back to blocking control.

That’s how to get high CPC by blocking ad ads that have low CPCs. In addition to this method, you can also try this method, namely increasing the CPC by adjusting content or articles on your website.

Get High CPC with Specific Article

How to multiply your content or articles about; Insurance, Gas / Electricity, Mortage, Attorney, Loans, Lawyer, Donate, Conference, Degree, Credit And Software.

Here is the highest cpc of the above content:

  1. Insurance Cpc $58
  2. Gas/Electricity Cpc $54
  3. Mortage Cpc $47
  4. Attorney Cpc $47
  5. Loans Cpc $44
  6. Lawyer Cpc $42
  7. Donate Cpc $42
  8. Conference Call Cpc $42
  9. Degree/Education Cpc $40
  10. Credit Cpc $ 38
  11. Software Cpc $35

You can combine the 2 methods above on your website to get a high CPC. And hopefully, you can get maximum results. One thing to remember never gives up. If you fail then keep learning and taking action. You can also learn tricks to get organic visitors from Facebook.