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Google Maps Marketing Demo – How To be Number 1 on Google Maps

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I got to know Google Maps Marketing 2 years ago, to be precise in December 2019. To this day the Google feature has contributed many positive things to my business. I’ll show you the sample report later.

If someone searches for hajj travel organizers in my city via google, then google will also display google maps. My company is always in 1st or 2nd position. This has been happening for 2 years and will continue as long as me and the team are still doing what needs to be done.

What Is Google Maps Marketing

Google maps marketing is a digital marketing activity that uses google maps to increase business visibility on google maps. Apart from that, google maps marketing also provides the following benefits for businesses:

  • Making it easier for people to find our office
  • And most importantly to prevent others from finding our business competitors.
  • Bringing traffic to the website
  • Getting calls from prospects or customers
  • Improve brand and company image
Google Maps Chart
Google Maps Chart

Google Maps Marketing Benefit

Ok, I’ll explain more about the benefits of google maps marketing

Making it easier for people to find our office

It could be like this, someone knows the name of your business or company but doesn’t know the address. so to find it besides asking google, by typing “address [Your Company Name].

You can be sure your company name will appear at the top of the maps feature displayed by Google, because he typed it in the search field. When he continues to click on the map, Google will give him a route. to your office or business location.

Try to imagine what will happen when your business is not on the map. surely he only found the office address of your competitor.

Prevent others from entering Competitors

Actually this is still related to the point above. Someone wants to find out the address of a company that sells products or services in your city by typing “Car Dealership in New York”. (Assume your business is car dealership in New York)

Google then displays the results, surely the maps feature will also appear because what you are looking for is the location. But not necessarily your company will appear at the top of the maps feature. it could be your competitors who are in number 1, 2 and 3.

In order for your company to appear on number 1 or 2 or number 3, you must use and optimize Google Maps marketing.

Bringing Traffic To The Website

With good google maps marketing optimization, your website can get additional traffic. People who find your business on google maps tend to want to know more about your business, one way is to click on your website link.

Getting Calls From Prospects Or Customers

Our staff often get calls from people who find us on google maps, usually on Saturdays. They want to come to our office, but they want to make sure our office stays open on Saturdays. even though they can actually see it on google maps, when will our office open and close.

Those who do this are usually people who are new to our business and their goal is to use our company services. This is really a hot prospect in our opinion. because it has arrived at the calling stage.

Improve Brand And Company Image

People who find our business on google maps can also see our content in the form of photos, videos and short articles. This will add to our business brand image. You can do that later too.

Now let’s look at the image below. This is one of the reports that we get from google regarding our position on google Maps.

How to Do Google Maps Marketing

Getting started is very easy, it only takes about 1 hour. What is a little difficult is to continue it so that it can be number 1 and remain number 1 forever. To do google maps marketing make sure you have this:

  • Gmail account
  • Physical business location / office / shop location

For businesses that don’t have a physical location to visit, definitely can’t use this google feature :). Ok, I will explain it through google maps marketing demo.

The First Step of Google Maps Marketing

  1. Open the google search engine and type google my business, then open it.
  2. Click Manage Now
  3. Click add your business to google
  4. Insert your business name and click Next.
  5. Car dealership is your business keyword and Royal is your business name. Choose your Busines Category, for example car dealer for the car dealership business. And click next.
  6. Select yes, your store or office can be visited by customers. Then click Next.
Insert Business name
Insert Business name

Note : For giving a business name, you should contain your business keywords. For example, if your business is a car dealership then you can fill it like this: Royal Car Dealership.

I have also written an article about car dealership digital marketing strategy, you can learn this if you are a local business owner.

Second Step of Google Maps Marketing

  1. Complete all the requested address forms according to your business location. And click next.
  2. At this stage you will enter the map settings page. Please make sure your office location is correct, you can shift the location icon on the map to the right position. If it is correct, please click next.
  3. Then select yes if you can accept customers from outside your city, and select no if not.
  4. Please select the name of the region or city that you can serve. Make sure you can reach your office easily. Click next.
  5. Insert your contact number. You can enter the cellphone number that is connected to WhatsApp, Insert your website url or 2 options below. Then next.
  6. Select yes so you can get information and tips from google.
  7. Make sure everything is checked in green, then click finish

Third Step Of Google Maps Marketing

  1. Set your office or store schedule to open and Next.
  2. Add your business description. here it is very important to fill in some keywords that people often use when searching for your business services on google. If you are a business car dealership in new york, you can fill it with this example: car dealerships in New York, The best car dealerships in New York, The largest car dealership in New York, car dealerships are open daily in New York.

Hope you understand what I mean. You can fill in a maximum of 750 characters. Make it complete.

  • Add photos, use high resolution photos. You can immediately add multiple photos. Then next.
  • Now it’s done.

After you have completed all the steps to create google my business, you must verify using the code sent by google via post. how to click the verification button on your google business and enter the code. then click verify.

Next, I will explain how to optimize the my google business feature to help your business appear on page 1 and occupy position 1 or 2 or 3.

How To Dominate In Google Maps

be number 1 on google maps
be number 1 on google maps

To dominate or be ranked at the top on google maps (google my business) you have to make good use of the 7 google my business features. And you have to do it consistently. The features I mean are :

  • Posts
  • Info
  • Insights
  • Reviews
  • Messages
  • Photos
  • Users
Feature Google Business
Feature Google Business


Maximizing the post feature on google my business to improve the performance of google maps marketing includes:

Add offer

Make a special offer at least once a week to customers. It can be in the form of discount offers, additional services or free shipping. Use an attractive image, Give a title that attracts people to click, for example Discount …, Free Shipping …, Use a time limit, write down your offer details. Then you can also add optional features in the form of voucher code, link to redeem offer (website url) and terms of conditions.

Add update

Provide updates about any business, product or activity related to your company. do this at least once a week. Example:

  • Your company has just had a new office
  • Your company has carried out social activities And your company has just recruited new employees
  • Your company has found new tips for caring for cars, gadgets, homes, clothes (related your business).

You understand, right?

Remember to do this at least once a week. Use an image that is related to the info you provide, write a description. Then add an add button (optional). If the information you posted is already on your website then you can add learn more.

Add Event

If your company has an event, then post it here. For example, launching new products, customer gatherings, social activities, looking for new employees.

Use a good photo according to the event you are holding. Give an attractive title, set a schedule and add a button that leads to a website that contains details of the event you are planning. Posting the event once a month is sufficient.

Add Product

Post any products and services your company sells here. Use a photo that represents the jada or product. Write a product name, provide a category, display a price and description and add a button that redirects to your purchase page or website.

You can do this repeatedly for the same product. You just need to use another image. For example, today you post product A, then you can post it again in the next 10 days.


For this section you only need to complete all the information about your business. You don’t need to do this over and over again, unless there is a change in your business.


How customers search for your business
How customers search for your business

This is a very important part. This is where you can find out the performance of google my business or your marketing through google maps. Information you can get:

  • How do people search for your business on google, whether direct, discovery or branded.
  • In this feature you can also find out the keywords used by customers to find your business.
  • You can find out what customers are doing when they find your business. There are 4 actions, include: visit your website, request direction, call you, message you

And the most interesting thing in this section is you can see how great the content of the photo or video that you post is seen, this will be compared to businesses that are similar to yours. Take a look at my business chart below. In this section we are a big win over the competition. And this is the secret we always rank 1st on google maps.

Photos View on Google Maps
Photos View on Google Maps


Google will recommend businesses with a lot of reviews. Then how to get lots of reviews? Very easy. Follow my story. In the past, when I started making google business for my company. The first review to the 20th review came from my staff, family and friends. This can be arranged so that they give good reviews and give 5 stars.

Furthermore, the 21st reviews and so on are from my customers. I called and texted them to review and star. You can do it too, the more reviews the better.


We often get messages from potential customers asking for prices or offers. Please install google my busines on your mobile. And when a message comes in. please reply quickly.


Surely you have seen the chart in the insight section above. Our content is a winner in the same business category. And this really elevates our company image.

The key is just to be consistent to continuously upload photos or videos and do this:

  • Add your logo and business name to the photos or videos you upload.
  • Provide a file name that contains keywords in the photo, Example: Assuming your company is a car dealer named Royal, you can provide a photo file name and photo caption with this keyword: photo of “Royal” car dealer office in new york, photo of customer of royal car dealer in New York, photo of dealer staff meeting Royal cars in New York.
  • Do this every day, 1 photo or 1 video per day. So that your business visibility can be far superior to other companies.

And you will feel the results later, top ranking on google maps.


If you are the account maker (main owner) then you can add you can add your staff as users, give them access to create posts by making them a Manager. You can add multiple users and assign them tasks and a schedule for creating posts.
or you can hire a digital marketing manager to manage it. It will turn out very well. You can see the salary reference here, digital marketing manager salary.


Those are the details of google maps marketing starting from understanding, demo, tips and strategies to make it more visible than other companies.

Do this consistently and assume your competitors are doing the same thing so you will always do it. If you have any questions, please write them in the comments column.

If you want to use my services to do this for your business, you can send a message to, cc: with an email title: Google Maps Marketing.

Or if you live in United State, you can also use the best digital marketing agency services in New York.

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