Five Tips to Find the Best Social Media Agencies in New York


When choosing the best social media agency in New York, there are many things to consider. Aside from the agency’s expertise, you’ll want to look at their reviews. Reviews can be helpful because they can give you an idea of their culture, how flexible they are, how well they work, and what deadlines they follow. Listed below are five tips to help you find the best social media agency in New York. They will also give you a better understanding of what the process is like.

LYFE Marketing

LYFE Marketing provides social media services, website design, and search engine optimization. They specialize in creating and managing top-performing social media marketing campaigns for clients. LYFE claims to have generated more than 983,287 leads for clients through their social media marketing efforts. LYFE Marketing also helps clients increase their brand awareness, website exposure, and relationships with their customers. It also offers a variety of social media management packages, including custom content, email marketing, and SMS marketing.

Customers love LYFE Marketing’s attention to detail. The team at LYFE Marketing provides monthly reports and personal attention to each client. Clients can always reach out to the team by phone or online to get answers to their questions. They offer flexible payment plans and do not require long-term contracts. Users who hire LYFE Marketing are usually on a month-to-month contract and can terminate it at any time.

LYFE Marketing is an award-winning social media agency that was founded in 2011. They handle over 2,000 social media campaigns and offer a full-suite digital marketing agency. They offer three different pricing packages and a free custom proposal. Another agency that is well-known in the New York area is Disruptive Advertising, which was founded in 2012. The company claims to be the best reviewed marketing agency on Glassdoor.

Influencer Marketing Factory

The team at Influencer Marketing Factory has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of influencer marketing. They create strategies based on the DNA of your brand and handpick the most appropriate influencers for your conversion-led campaigns. The firm’s expertise includes in-depth reporting and in-house production capabilities. They can also call on a variety of partners for their campaigns, including performance marketers and influencers.

Kairos Media, a New York-based influencer agency, tapped into its extensive database of content creators to advertise a Rocket League tournament. The company’s videos generated 1.5 million engagements. Located in New York, France, and Australia, Kairos Media has worked with brands like Uniqlo, Google Hardware, and GE. They have a database of over 400,000 influencers.

Influencer Marketing Factory is a creative agency with a global reach. They help brands launch and scale influencer marketing campaigns by identifying their target audience and connecting them with influencers in their niche. Their success rate is high, with thousands of campaigns launched for their clients. They have worked with top brands like Nike, Adidas, and Bose, as well as smaller brands in Europe.

Influencer Marketing Factory is one of the most popular influencer marketing agencies in New York. They specialize in developing campaigns for influencers across a wide range of platforms, from YouTube to Instagram and TikTok. They also have an in-house creative team, which helps brands find the right influencers for their campaigns. They’ve worked with a number of big brands, including Sony Music, Adidas, and DC Comics, and their campaigns have helped these brands reach their target audience.


Sculpt is a social media agency that works to create a brand voice for its clients. Its employees love to talk tech, appliances, which is why the agency requires a full-time community manager to take the reins of a brand’s social web presence. The community manager will help select clients establish a voice through creative content, igniting conversation, and responding promptly to queries and comments.

After years of reactive marketing, MidWestOne Bank decided to seek an agency that could design a social media strategy tailored to their business’ needs. Sculpt created a content blueprint, remixed financial resources, and featured employee stories from targeted regions to make customers the hero. Through Sculpt’s strategy, MidWestOne Bank saw 89% growth in its audience and 332% increase in engagement on all social channels, as well as record attendance at its largest event of the year.

The interview questions at Sculpt are based on a candidate’s core values and work history, which varies from project to project. The Sculpt social media agency believes in flat pricing and flexibility, while delivering results that meet the client’s objectives. They work to create brand identity and social media strategies that are consistent and help the business keep up with the latest trends. The team at Sculpt also likes orange, startups, and community-building.

PBJ Marketing

PBJ Marketing is a New York social media agency that offers website design, social media management, and full-service digital marketing solutions. They offer a unique brand-relevant approach with data-driven tactics. With a small team of marketers dedicated to each client, PBJ Marketing can focus on the day-to-day performance and tactics of each brand. Their expertise includes paid media, Facebook ads, YouTube marketing, and brand strategy.

The best social media agencies in New York have a proven track record of success. They know how to get the most out of your budget and determine a strategy that fits your business goals. Once they know your target audience, they will set meaningful metrics to track and analyze the success of your social media efforts. They’ll also set up your business accounts and improve existing profiles to ensure they meet your objectives. Social media agencies in New York will also work with you to manage negative feedback and build loyalty among your customers.

Social advertising is a powerful marketing strategy that helps drive sales and leads for brands. Unlike traditional advertising, social advertising lets you target potential customers who may not know about your company. The goal is to generate interest in your brand and ultimately convert that interest into actual sales. Social advertising is an excellent way to build brand awareness and drive traffic, but it can also increase conversions. A social media ad can drive traffic to your website and make your business more profitable.

AMP Agency

AMP Agency is a full-service digital marketing agency with offices in New York, Los Angeles, and Seattle. Known for its strategic campaigns, the company specializes in public relations, analytics, and digital products. Their creative and interactive work spans multiple industries, including fashion, technology, health and beauty, retail, consumer electronics, and more. They’ve earned a spot on the Adweek’s inaugural Fastest Growing Agencies list.

To succeed in the social media industry, you need to understand the goals of your business and your target audience. A good social media marketing agency will understand these goals and create a strategy to meet them. A social media marketing agency specializes in establishing meaningful relationships with clients and customers, and they know how to handle customer complaints and maintain brand loyalty. A well-crafted strategy should include measurable, actionable metrics and a timeline.

AMP Agency is a boutique marketing firm based in Soho, New York. It was founded by young professionals who recognized a need in the social media space. Its team has experience working on some of the world’s most successful social and content verticals, including music and fashion labels. It also specializes in strategic planning, creative, and media. They are dedicated to bringing ideas to life and implementing them effectively.

Concept Farm

Founded in 1999, Concept Farm is a New York-based advertising agency that has been recognized for its work and great workplace culture. The company specializes in fostering brand passion and engagement. Its recent work includes the award-winning “98 Days to Shine” campaign for espnW, which featured a team of female athletes and their fans and reached over 17 million social media users. It also won the “Happy Returners” award for its work with Aruba Tourism, which won a recent Ad Age Small Agency of the Year award. It also won an Effie Award and has been recognized as one of the best places to work in advertising and marketing.

Aside from a solid marketing strategy, Concept Farm also produces cutting-edge web bade and video advertising. Their work has served major companies like Nestle, Power Bar, and mazada. In addition to their in-house marketing and advertising expertise, Concept Farm also provides social media consulting to businesses. Its social media marketing solutions have helped make the building one of New York’s most iconic icons.

Adaptly is another digital advertising and social media marketing agency in New York City. They help companies craft strong messages and engage their audience using social media. They work with clients across different industries, including healthcare, technology, and business. The company works hand in hand with Omnie Solutions and has support offices around the world. Their team produces comprehensive communication plans, website design, mobile apps, eCommerce platforms, and social media engagement.