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This is the best digital marketing magazine page in the world. If you need tips, information, tools and insights of online or digital marketing, for example Facebook marketing, Google ads, Traffic and others. So it is very appropriate that you are on our page. You will get updates at the beginning of each month as a pdf file. And of course everything is free.

This digital marketing magazine was founded by Nick Nichols, he is also the owner of and digital marketing tools. You will get great marketer tips for free here, please download the monthly edition at the end of this page. But before you go there you should not miss the things below

Why Choose Digital Marketing Magazine

Based on our survey, there are many reasons readers prefer to use this marketing magazine as their reference. But what they say the most are:

  • Published at the beginning of every month, you can get it on this page every 5th
  • Content written by digital marketing experts, including Neil Patel
  • Content containing the latest Digital Marketing News
  • Content contains Digital Marketing Tips and Guidelines
  • Content is easy to read and understand
  • The tips that are shared are very helpful for marketers and business people in developing their companies
  • And of course you get it for free

Digital Marketing Magazine Contributor

As I mentioned earlier, the content in this magazine is written by many digital marketing experts. You must know the following names:

  • Neil Patel, Co-Founder Crazy Egg, Hello Bar & KISSmetrics
  • Joshua Hardwick, Founder of The SEO Project
  • Kristen McCormick, Senior Managing Editor at WordStream
  • Kim Garst, Co-Founder of Boom Social
  • Scott Ayres, Content Scientist for the Social Media Lab
  • Emil Kristensen, Co owner and marketing manager på Area Academy
  • Ana Gotter, Expert Business Writer
  • Michael Shannon, founder of Jeff Bullas
  • Andy Crestodina, Co-Founder/Strategic Director, Orbit Media Studios
  • Lisa Sherwood, Lead Content Strategist at Perficient
  • Melonie Dodaro, Canada’s #1 LinkedIn Expert, Bestselling Author, Social Selling Evangelist
  • KeriLynn Engel, director of content marketing for Awesome Motive,
  • James Everett Youngblood, Men’s Productivity & High Performance Trainer, SEO Content Marketing Writing Specialist.
  • Eric Enge, Founder, Stone Temple Consulting
  • Jon Morrow, Founder Boost Blog Traffic
  • Nick Nicholls, Publisher: Digital Marketing Tools
  • Adam Connell, Operations Manager, UK Linkology

Digital Marketing Magazine Discussion Content

In Digital Marketing Magazine, you will get tips, strategies and marketing optimization tools from various experts about :

  • Facebook
  • SEO
  • Google
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin
  • Quora
  • Copy Writing
  • Youtube
  • Tik Tok
  • Blogger
  • WordPress
  • Funneling
  • Twitter
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Amazon
  • and many others.

The Contributors write very well, easy to understand and practice

Table of contents for Digital Marketing Magazine

The following is a list of the contents of the Digital Marketing Magazine, you can download it then read and practice tips from various experts in this magazine.

Digitital Marketing Magazine
Digitital Marketing Magazine

Digital Marketing Magazine Januari 2021 Edition

  1. How to Start a Blog That Makes Money (Lessons Learned) by Lars Lofgren
  2. 7 Effective Ways To Find Anyone’s Email Address by Nick Churick
  3. The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Shops (With Examples)
  4. How to get more Twitter Followers: 10 Semi-Legit Ways to Grow
  5. Your Following Fast by Andy Crestodina
  6. How To Launch Your Own Facebook Group And Get Loyal Fans by Daniela Uslan
  7. How to Write Your LinkedIn Profile to Capture Attention [Plus Infographic] by Melonie Dodardo
  8. Top Instagram Hashtags for Gaining New Followers
  9. How to Ask for Reviews (With Examples!) by Kristen McCormick
Digital Marketing Magazine Januari 2021
Digital Marketing Magazine Januari 2021

Download Digital Marketing Magazine January 2021 Edition

Digital Marketing Magazine December 2020 Edition

  1. Complete Guide to Website Traffic Sources for 2021
  2. 9 Steps to Creating a Content Hub That Converts
  3. How To Get More Instagram Followers (21 Tips&Tricks you Can Use Now)
  4. 19 Steps to Social Selling on LinkedIn
  5. 9 Ways to Improve Organic Reach and Beat the YouTube Algorithm
  6. 9 Tips on Leveraging Pinterest To Promote Your Facebook Group
  7. How To Choose A Twitter Username (Handle) When Yours Is Taken + Name Ideas
  8. 15 Top Social Media Sites & Platforms (A Handy 2020 Guide)

Download Digital Marketing Magazine December 2020 Edition

Digital Marketing Magazine November 2020 Edition

  1. How To Grow Your Email List Fast (1,000 Subscribers In 30 Days)
  2. The Future of Marketing – in 2020 and Beyond
  3. How to Create 26 Pieces Of Content From A Facebook Live
  4. How to Find Key Influencers in Your Niche Using Social Media
  5. How to Show Up In Google Maps: A Google My Business Optimization Checklis
  6. Must-Have Checklist to Creating Valuable Content
  7. How to use to research and automatically summarize content
  8. A Curated List of Facebook Marketing Reference Guides

Download Digital Marketing Magazine November 2020 Edition

Digital Marketing Magazine October 2020 Edition

  1. The 5 Stages Of The Blog Sales Funnel And How To Use Them
  2. How to Use LinkedIn Documents to Exponentially Increase Your Visibility
  3. How To Use Facebook Analytics Tool to Grow Your Business
  4. 55 Marketing Diagrams and Charts that Explain Content Marketing
  5. How to Find Your Target Audience
  6. 10 Things Marketers Need To Know About TikTok
  7. 7 Instagram Engagement Touchpoints (to reach more of your Followers)
  8. 7 Great Tools for Social Media Search

Download Digital Marketing Magazine October 2020

September 2020 Edition

  1. How to Build a Successful Amazon Affiliate Site (Step by Step)
  2. The Complete Guide to Running a Social Media Audit (With Template)
  3. How to Build Links Using Google Alerts
  4. How to Write Engaging Instagram Captions
  5. The Perfect B2B Website Service Page: 13-Point Checklist
  6. 12 Best Twitter Marketing Tools To Grow Your Audience
  7. How to Grow a Facebook Live Show
  8. 11 “Internet of Things” Startups to Watch

Download Here

Augustus 2020 Edition

  1. How to Build a Successful Amazon Affiliate Site (Step by Step)
  2. The Complete Guide to Running a Social Media Audit (With Template)
  3. How to Build Links Using Google Alerts
  4. How to Write Engaging Instagram Captions
  5. The Perfect B2B Website Service Page: 13-Point Checklist
  6. 12 Best Twitter Marketing Tools To Grow Your Audience
  7. How to Grow a Facebook Live Show
  8. 11 “Internet of Things” Startups to Watch

Download Here

July 2020 Edition

  1. How To Promote Your Blog: The Complete Beginner’s Guide
  2. Copywriting – A Beginner’s Guide
  3. How to Make a Weekly Podcast: A Step-by-Step Guide
  4. 17 Facebook Contest Ideas You Can Run on Your Fan Page TODAY
  5. 6 Instagram Growth Hacks You Should Try to Explode Your Reach
  6. Why Pinterest is the Content Marketing Secret Weapon
  7. 17 LinkedIn Ninja Tricks Experts Haven’t Taught You Yet
  8. Content Hubs: Where SEO and Content Marketing Meet

Download Here

June 2020 Edition

  1. Instagram Influencer Marketing: How to Get it Right in 6 Steps
  2. The Beginner’s Guide To Email Marketing Automation
  3. The New Way to Chat With Your Visitors
  4. 4 Evergreen Marketing Strategies for High Converting Facebook Ads
  5. How to Create Visual Content That’s Worth a Thousand Shares
  6. How to Rock Social Selling in 30 Minutes a Day
  7. 21 Twitter Statistics & Facts To Level Up Your Social Media Strategy
  8. The 9 Best TikTok Bots To Help You Go Viral Right Now

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May 2020 Edition

  1. What is E-A-T? Why It’s Important for SEO
  2. 13 Amazing Free Chrome Extensions For SEO
  3. [50] Instagram Marketing Tips to catapult your eCommerce Growth
  4. How to Drive More Traffic To Your YouTube Channel
  5. 10 Powerful Social Media Listening Tools To Monitor Your Brand
  6. 7 Free Training Resources for Digital Marketing Agencies
  7. How to Use Twitter Native Video for Business: 10 Content Ideas + 5 Best Practices
  8. Are you sure your website analytics is set up correctly?

Download Here

April 2020 Edition

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Content Curation (With Examples!)
  2. The 5 Essential Digital Marketing Skills You Need (& How to Get Them Free!)
  3. What Is Conversion Rate Optimization? A Quick Guide For Beginners
  4. 13 Proven Tactics to Increase Your Blog Traffic
  5. The 10 Best TikTok Tools For Fast Audience Growth in 2020
  6. How to Use Instagram Video Ads to Grow Your Business
  7. 13 Ecommerce Marketing Strategies That Will Boost Your Sales
  8. Awesome 2020 Social Media Content Calendar Packed With Ideas [Infographic]

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March 2020 Edition

  1. 2020 Guide to Google My Business
  2. How to Start a Blog in 12 Easy Steps
  3. How to Embed an Instagram Feed on a Website [6 Amazing Tools]
  4. 6 AI Tools to Help You Get Smarter in Your Content Marketing
  5. 3 Pillars Of Email Marketing: How To Skyrocket Subscriber Engagement
  6. The Social Media Rule of Thirds and 3 Best Practices for Social Media Management
  7. 15 Top Digital Branding Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2020
  8. How to Start (And Grow) a YouTube Channel in 2020

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February Edition 2020

  1. How to Get on the First Page of Google [Interactive Guide]
  2. Voice Apps Can Drive Your Business – Here’s Why
  3. 17 High-Impact Tasks To Prepare Your Blog for 2020
  4. The 4-Step Process to Set Up an eCommerce Marketing Funnel
  5. YouTube Bumper Ads: The Complete Guide to Six-Second Success
  6. How Smart Companies Capitalize on Social Selling
  7. How to Use Images to Increase Search Visibility and Get More Clicks
  8. How to Track Video Views in Google Analytics Using Google Tag Manager in 4 Steps

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January 2020 Edition

  1. Marketing Trends for 2020: Here’s What Will Happen That Nobody is Talking About
  2. Marketing 2030: 7 Laws for Content Marketing Success
  3. How to Use to Rapidly Create Awesome Video Content
  4. The Ultimate Guide for Your Product Page Keyword Research
  5. 21 No-Fail Tactics to Boost Your Facebook Group Engagement (and Keep Members Around)
  6. The 8 Best Instagram Tools for Massive Instagram Growth in 2020
  7. How to Build a Social Media Following (It’s Not What You Think)
  8. What Google Says vs. What SEOs Believ

Download Digital Marketing Magazine Januari 2020 Edition

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