Boutique Digital Marketing Agency in New York


Looking for a boutique digital marketing agency in New York? There are a few different types of boutique agencies, including EdgeDNA, Kin + Carta, VMGROUPE, squat new york, and more. Keep reading to learn about each type of agency and how you can find the best one for your company. Below are some examples. You might want to check out the sites of a couple of them.


As a boutique digital marketing agency in New York, EdgeDNA has a unique approach to marketing, focusing on emerging technologies and conversational experiences. The agency builds marketing programs using emerging technologies such as chat, voice, and social media and collaborates with brands like Amazon Echo, Oculus, and Microsoft. They also have a variety of partnerships, including Microsoft, the American Red Cross, and Mountain Dew. To help clients maximize the power of these new technologies, they use the latest tools and techniques.

EdgeDNA has offices in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Los Angeles. The boutique digital marketing agency has a diverse clientele that includes mid-sized companies and Fortune 500 companies. It works with clients across industries, including automotive, fashion, and entertainment. Clients include Dolby, Microsoft, Pepsi, and Tinder. They use data insights and technology to create marketing programs that reach every digital consumer touchpoint.

As an agency, EdgeDNA offers a number of services to increase brand awareness, increase revenue, and drive conversions. It works with a network of over 20 experts to optimize lifestyle brands and deliver superior customer service. It also offers a variety of other services to help companies achieve their goals. For example, it offers web design and development, SEO, social media, and pay-per-click services. As a boutique digital marketing agency in New York, EdgeDNA is uniquely qualified to help local brands grow.

Kin + Carta

As a B Corp, Kin + Carta has completed the rigorous certification process to make sure that its clients’ interests are met. This means that they permanently commit to making a materially positive impact on society and the environment. As the first B Corp on the London Stock Exchange, this is an important distinction for the agency. The B Corp certification is earned only by companies that adhere to the highest standards of public transparency, legal accountability, and ESG performance.

Founded in 1899, Kin + Carta is a global, boutique digital marketing agency. The company is comprised of 1,600 technologists and creatives spread across seven global offices. Its founders are former business owners of Hive, a healthcare communications business. Whether a brand needs a simple website or a comprehensive online marketing strategy, Kin + Carta is an agency that understands the business challenges and delivers.

The company’s Data Labs division is part of its new global digital transformation consultancy. It will bring data-related innovation and expertise to its global clientele and create new, personalized user experiences. It will also work to upskill its employees and clients. Its three business lines include data strategy, data management, and data product delivery. The agency also specializes in creating platforms, products, and experiences. These three areas will allow Kin + Carta to better serve its clients.


Founded in 2006, VMGROUPE is a boutique digital marketing agency in New York City that works with clients across a variety of industries to build powerful presences and brand awareness. From branding to social media engagement to ambient marketing, VMGROUPE creates effective campaigns that achieve outstanding results. Other services offered by the agency include innovative web development, public relations, and complex e-commerce solutions. As a result of their stellar work, VMGROUPE has earned numerous awards.

Founded in New York City, VMGROUPE works with brands and high-end luxury brands in all aspects of marketing. From branding to paid search, they help businesses connect with their customers and build a lasting relationship. Located in Brooklyn, VMGROUPE is a great choice for any marketing campaign, but their services extend well beyond just digital marketing. They also offer a full range of creative advertising services.

Another great choice for boutique digital marketing agencies in NYC is the Saturn Agency. Founded by young and innovative creatives, this agency offers print and email campaigns, as well as outdoor social campaigns and technology. Whether your business is small or large, they can create a customized campaign for you. With VMGROUPE, you can enjoy the benefits of a boutique agency’s attention to detail and its ability to connect with their clients.

Taktical Digital

With an impressive track record of success, Taktical Digital is a leading boutique digital marketing agency in New York City. Founded in 2011, this agency has fewer than 30 employees and specializes in helping startups create a lasting digital footprint. Services include content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and lead generation. The firm also offers Amazon marketing services. Its team of digital marketing experts is experienced in lead generation, SEO, and PPC.

Established in 2011, this SEM firm specializes in Paid Social and Search, as well as E-Commerce marketing. Its team of professional experts offers a wide variety of services including conversion optimization, Facebook Advertising, and email marketing. Its rates range from $25 to $449 per hour, with minimum projects at $10000. To learn more about Taktical Digital Boutique, read our reviews. We have a ten-point checklist of essential services to expect from a SEM agency.

Engage specializes in search engine optimization and website design. Services include a mobile-friendly website, unlimited widgets, high-quality stock photos, Secure Sockets Layer certificates, and on-site search engine optimization. Metadata input and image alt tags are also included in their advertising plans. Regardless of the size of your company, you can expect their team to maximize your ROI with cutting-edge solutions.

Brooklyn Digital Foundry

As a small-scale, boutique digital marketing agency in Brooklyn, NY, Brooklyn Digital Foundry provides services in branding, web development, and content creation. Their experts focus on creating a positive client experience. These professionals serve diverse clientele, including AMC Theatres, Fannie Mae, and Facebook. They combine creativity and commerce, and are experienced in digital platforms, branding, and exciting visuals. In addition, Brooklyn Digital Foundry offers custom branding and web development.