Best Time To Post On Youtube

By | November 9, 2020
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According to How Sociable, the best time to post on YouTube is actually slightly earlier than when the bulk of initial traffic is meant to hit. Videos tend to get the most hits between 7pm and 10pm on weekday evenings, but that means you should upload the video a couple of hours earlier to give YouTube a chance to properly index it: between 2pm and 4pm. (These times are EST/CST.)

best time to post on YouTube
best time to post on YouTube

Weekends are slightly different; the study showed that videos were popular from lunchtime onwards, so posting between 9am and 11am will give the video enough time to be indexed for the lunchtime / evening “rush”. Just to throw a little more information your way, Boost Apps showed levels of engagement on videos was higher on Friday and Saturday, and also on Wednesday, with the best time to post being 5pm.

best time to post on YouTube
best time to post on YouTube

And if that wasn’t enough, I also looked at an Oberlo study on the best times to post on social media and results showed that 12pm to 4pm video uploads were optimal for best results, with Thursday and Friday being the two best days during the week.

Here we have another classic example of different studies = different results — and we can’t forget that most of the larger studies are based on US audiences. If you’re a UK blogger or business, or based elsewhere in the world, some of the data might not accurately reflect your audience.

best time to post on YouTube
best time to post on YouTube

Helpful advice: Create an upload schedule with batch-creation of content

By creating an upload schedule, you’re offering consistent, regular content to your audience. This is a trick I’ve seen used by many beauty influencers and makeup artists on YouTube, who often have weekly or monthly life update blogs, or weekly get-ready-with-me videos, released at set times — 6pm on Friday, for example. Fans will sit down and get ready to watch those videos in the same way that they would sit down and get ready to watch the soaps on TV in the evening … but only when those videos keep to the schedule.

Best Time To Post Youtube
Best Time To Post on Youtube


Keeping to your schedule will be easier when you batch-create content — creating multiple pieces of content at once and then scheduling them to go live one at a time. If you spent one weekend creating four videos, you would have one video per week for the next four weeks. If you then have the time to create extra content, you could release extra videos as “bonus” content, or

increase the number of videos in your schedule, or simply add more scheduled one-per-week videos. Consistency is key with any social media strategy. People LOVE consistency. You can learn best time to post on facebook.