add shop to facebook page a compleate guide

Add Shop To Facebook Page 2021 – A Complete Guide

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Add shop to facebook page is an important thing for online business people to know today. Because this is a free, easy and important feature to use if you are running an online business through Facebook marketing. I have been using this facebook feature since 2015 for my 2 businesses. And of course the results are very satisfying. The followers of my page don’t need to leave Facebook to buy my products.

What’s the Importance of Add Shop To Facebook Page

In general, Facebook is a business and of course prefer it if its users stay on Facebook for a long time. For example chatting or discussion on Facebook, joking on Facebook and shopping on Facebook. If you use the shop facilities on your business Facebook page, it is certain that your Facebook page will get added value from Facebook.

On the other hand, your followers don’t need to leave Facebook, many types of social media users don’t like to switch to other applications. They only want it on Facebook.

How To Add Shop To Facebook Page

Okay, now I will describe the method in detail, hopefully this can help so that your business Facebook page can be equipped with shop features. To do this, I will guide using a PC / laptop.

Go to Facebook Page or Fanspage #1

Please enter the facebook page / fanspage that you want to fill in with shop features. The first step is to check the template and tabs settings. Make sure to use the services or Shopping template. How to see the picture below.

Enter the settings section which is located on the left in this order:

Settings> Templates and Tabs> On the page that appears select Templates> Services or shopping. Then drag the shop feature up under Home.

Set shop feature
Set shop feature

After the steps above are complete, please return to the main page of your Facebook page.

Shop and Catalog Settings # 2

On the main page of the Facebook page, notice that right next to Home a shop tab will appear. If it doesn’t appear, please click more, then look for shop features. The next steps note the order below:

Click Shop> Go to Commerce Manager> How Will Customers Checkout? Here 3 options will appear:

1. Checkout On Another Website

2. Checkout With Facebook Or Instagram

3. Check Out With Messenging

Set check out on shop page
Set check out on shop page

For this example I will choose Number 3 which is Check Out With Messenging. click Next. Next you are given the option “Where do you want to sell from?” Please re-select the fanpage page that you want to add the shop features to. If it doesn’t appear because you have many fanspages, please click Show All Accounts, then select one and click next.

Next, connect with a business account, please choose the business account. If you don’t have it, please click “Create a new business account”. If you have selected a business account, please click next and give your catalog a name, for example Marketing Tools, Camera, Bag, and others. Then click next. Now we have arrived at the preview page. Please check, if something goes wrong please correct it and Finish Setup.

Add Item To Catalog #3

Please click add items and follow this order: Add Item> Add Manually> Get Started Adding Your Items.

Now is the time to enter the product item, please do this by following the form provided by Facebook on the current page.

Add image tittle description and price on shop facebook page
Add image tittle description and price on shop facebook page

1. Image 500 px x 500 px, Enter an interesting and clear image

2. Additional Image

3. Title, please fill in the title according to your product, for example: Elementor Pro Professional, Camera For YouTubers

4. Enter a detailed product description

5. Enter the website if you have one, you can also leave it.

6. Enter the price of your product

7. Select a product condition, for example: New

8. Enter the brand name or brand

When everything is complete, please click next. Then please add another product to qualify for entry into the collection feature. How to add products is the same as the steps above. Now you have 2 products in your catalog. Then return to the main page of your Fanspage.

Set Up Feature Collection #4

On the main page of your fanspage, please scroll down and on the left find the shop features, then click See All and follow this sequence of steps

Shop> See All> Shop Setting> Collections> Featured Collection> Create New Collection> Confirm.

Next, please fill in the Collection Name according to the name of your product. And select at least 2 products that will be included in the collection. Then click confirm. And the last step is Publish update.

Usually in steps 3 and 4 Facebook will do a review, please wait for the results for about 5-20 minutes. A notification will appear on your Facebook account.

If you have successfully added the shop to facebook page, a few minutes later the shop display will appear on your facebook page (via mobile) as shown below:

shop on facebook page
shop on facebook page


Actually doing add shop to facebook page is not difficult, only long steps. So it takes accuracy at the beginning. But when you get used to it, everything will be simple. Oh yes, before closing the article there is one thing I want to say that products that are purchased via download or subscription digital products are very vulnerable to being rejected and are usually reviewed longer by Facebook.


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